Не пропускай най-зрелищното събитие за бойни спортове във Варна. Наслади се на съзвездие от шампиони в 9 изключителни битки

about SENSHI

SENSHI is a professional chain of gala fight nights and a symbol of a spectacular, high quality and attractive show. The SENSHI ring challenges some of the biggest names in the martial arts world and offers its audience classy kickboxing, muay thai and karate kyokushin fights, as well as SENSHI style ones under the rules of the new Professional league of the Kyokushin World Union.

Each edition has a unique format where proven fighters in different styles face each other, and the SENSHI rules are what guarantees spectacular fights in the arena. The rules are designed specifically for SENSHI and they combine skills and techniques used since the beginning of kyokushin, while allowing almost everything on the ring. During the fights the athletes can use head blows, elbow strikes and throws.

Exceptional preparation, luxurious surroundings and a spectacular show accompany each edition of gala night. Competitors from more than 15 countries have fought at the SENSHI ring so far, among which are those trained by Dutch kickboxing legend Peter Arts, as well as stars from the Stoyka Academy – the most renowned kickboxing school in Romania. It was also at the SENSHI ring where the WAKO PRO Intercontinental and European title winners were determined.

2019 SENSHI saw four spectacular editions, also appearing in front of martial arts fans at the Arena Armeec Hall in Sofia, and in the Amphitheater in the Black Sea resort of Kamchia.

On August 21, 2020 the organization returned to Varna, where the sixth unique gala fight night was staged.