SENSHI 22 | July 6th | Varna



Senshi 21 GALLERY



The 21st edition of the SENSHI International Martial Arts Gala was held on April 20 in Varna and featured extremely powerful fights, six knockouts, and 18 new martial artists. The spring edition of the fight show SENSHI 21 once again heated up the degrees and raised the audience’s adrenaline, and professional fighters from 17 countries gave their best in the ring in their quest for victory to make an unforgettable gala night.

Congress Hall in the Palace of Culture and Sports in the town of. Varna proved to be narrow for all fans of martial arts, who came to the venue and enjoyed 14 titanic fights under the rules of KWU FULL CONTACT and KWU OPEN, and along with them in front of the screens were thousands of spectators from around the world.

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