Andy Souwer: I don’t like how social media currently is being used (VIDEO)

Andy Souwer may be one of the most popular fighters in social media now but that doesn’t mean that he likes how they are being used at the moment from most people. He shared his view with Boec at the KWU SENSHI camp in Varna where he was one of the coaches.

I’m from a different generation even though it was there already in didn’t grew up with internet but eventually when I was e teenager there was already internet. It was just starting. Nowadays it’s overall. Everybody us loosing allot of time to promote themselves on social media. One thing is sure – we can’t change the time anymore. I think we have to use it but in a proper way. We need to share knowledge, respect and things like that instead of having a big mouth and showing off that you are bigger than anybody when we are not. We need to be humble. We are fighters with all of our abilities, with all of our strengths but also with all of our insecurities and bad things. We need to be the opposite of being a tough guy because we are just human beings and don’t act tough. So menially and spiritually I don’t like the social media in nowadays even though there are allot of fighters accounts who are standing with both feet of the ground. But unfortunately is true – there are allot more people who are acting tough when they are not“, said Souwer.

The kickboxing legend also gives attention to the important stuff in martial arts like respect and discipline. They are standing in the foundations of every good athlete and a human being. He is utter that the SENSHI camps are giving just that and that is why they are so highly valued for young and experienced athletes.

You can listen to the whole interview with Andy Souwer in the video below.