Asen Asenov: The Kyokushin gym energy is making us feel young (VIDEO)

Shihan Asen Asenov one again shared his enormous physical, technical and phycological experience with the next generation of athletes at the KWU camp in Varna around SENSHI 16. He was one of the star instructors of Kyokushin who gave an interview for Boec.

I feel great, like a boy. The energy in the karate, Kyokushin, kickboxing and SENSHI gyms is keeping us youthful. Whatever we do it makes us feel good with our selves“, Asenov shared.

He is proud of the fact that SENSHI is fulfilling its essential goal to reach an international level.

Discipline, persistence, and consistency” – these are the key factors for success in sports, according to Shihan Asen Asenov.

The whole interview can be heard in the video below.