Atanas Bozhilov before SENSHI 21: I hope that I can make the crow happy one more time

One of SENSHI’s legends Atanas Bozhilov is coming for another win next month at SENSHI 21. Boec spoke to him in order to find out how he is preparing for the challenge from Adrian Madalin from Romania.

I’ve managed to recover from SENSHI 20 and now I am fully focused on SENSHI 21. Everything goes according to plan. I work hard and I feel good. I hope that there won’t be any injuries and that there will be no issues with my opponent“, Nakata said.

Know him very well. We have history with him. I saw that he challenges me in social media and now the fight is on. I’ve studied his strengths and weaknesses and now I am ready for battle. We’ve started with some hard training and the next step is to go for cardio and sparing sessions. I am working in my home town Burgas, and I intend to go to SENSHI Gym for some more sparings with the guys there. I hope that I can make the crowd happy with one more victory“, he added.

The Bulgarian is still going for a world tittle shot this year and his 20th SENSHI victory.

SENSHI 21 will be held on April 20th in Varna, Bulgaria.