Deutsch press in awe of Sergej Braun’s performance at SENSHI 10

The latest triumph of Sergej Braun came this past weekend at the tenth edition of SENSHI 10 and his spectacular finish got the attention of the media in Germany.

The masterful kyokushin and kickboxing fighter claimed his 4th SENSHI win after a stunning KO win over France’s Assane Bafeta in the main event of SENSHI 10.

Braun’s win was noticed by the Deutsch “Fuldaer Zeitung”, who posted an interview with Braun after his stunning performance in Varna.

“In the beginning I had troubles with the distance”, Braun admits to the media outlet.

“That was my fourth straight win at SENSHI. The whole organisation was perfect. There were a lot of great fights, amazing event without a doubt.

Braun captured a total of three prizes at SENSHI 10. He won the SENSHI trophy, the “Best Technique” cup and the first ever “Helmet of Spartacus” – a trophy that was handed to him by Shihan Ivo Kamenov – CEO of the KWU  International Professional League and Chairman of the National association of combat sports in Bulgaria.

Sergey Braun awarded with the first ever “Helmet of Spartacus”

The newspaper „Osthessen Zeitung“ writes that Braun managed to get the W via right hook KO and adds that there will be no pause for him, as he starts preparations for an upcoming karate tournament in Schweinfurt.

SENSHI’s finest was in presence at the 3rd KWU European Championships that took place on Sunday in Varna, just hours after his victory over Assane Bafeta.