Drago Petrov: I like Samo Petje as an opponent for me

Dragomir Petrov is coming back to SENSHI but this time as an European champion in the 70 kg. division. And also he signed last week with Glory which automatically makes him one of the biggest kickboxing stars in Bulgaria at the moment. His opponent will be the Slovenian Samo Petje who also gained allot of international experience and is a fan favorite in his country. The two of them are going into the ring on September 16th but before that we reached to Drago in order to check on his preparation for SENSHI 18 and the signing with the biggest organization in the world.

I do believe that we are going to make a nice and aggressive fight. This guy is looking for the fight, he is prepared and has allot of international bouts under his belt. I do like him as an opponent for me  because he is a well known fighter here and abroad. We wore looking for someone just like him“, Petrov said about Petje.

The 31 year old is in good shape right now because in his last fight he won against Bruno Gazani at SENSHI 17 two months back. He proved that he is ready to challenge the toughest guys around.

I can only say that Samo Petje won against Bruno Gazani in his last fight. That that guy has 3 or 4 fights for Glory. I can’t underestimate any fight. Some of the best kickboxers do fight for Glory but there are good fighters outside of the promotion. I am going absolutely serious into this match because you know what we say – a moment of distraction is a moment of suffering. Every match needs to be taken care seriously. Allot of people and managers from other organizations reached me out after my last fight and I can’t  let my self go. Fist I need to focus on Samo Petje and after SENSHI I can think about my other fights. Currently I am fully focused on SENSHI 18“, Dragomir Petrov said.

The European SENSHI champion admit that he picked up and injury in the ankle in his last outing against Yu Hirono in the summer but with the help of his rehabilitator Georgi Terziev healed on time to start his preparation. But as a precaution he started making two sparing a week instead of three.

Negotiations with Glory wore made possible thanks to Renan Mehmedov who lives and works in the Netherlands. Petrov took e trip there in April for one of his training camps abroad and then he learned that the promotion is working on a gala in Bulgaria. A month later he was reached out and started working on his contract.

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