Ernesto Hoost is being introduced in the ISKA modern Hall of Fame

Ernesto Mr. Perfect Hoost is being introduced in the ISKA modern Hall of Fame as a part of the first class Legendary Champions. He will receive the honor on 24th of February in the Nacional palace of culture and sports in Varna, Bulgaria, at the 20th international fight gala SENSHI edition.

Ernesto Hoost is born in Heemskerk, Netherlands. He started playing football on amateur level up until his 15th birthday when boxing was introduced to him in the newly found Sokudo Gym. Back in 1983 he won his first fight against Win Scharrenberg with a spectacular second round knockout.

Hoost won two European and one World ISKA titles. In his resume he has glorious victories against other kickboxing giants like Peter Aerts, Branko Cikatic, Mirko Cro Cop, Jerome Le Banner, Andy Hyg, Ray Sefo, Musashi, Mike Bernardo, Francisco Filho, Sam Greco, Stefan Leko, Mark Hunt, Cyril Abidi and Glaube Feitosa. In his prime he won three K-1 World Grand Prix titles.

Ernesto Hoost is one of the greatest fighters in combat sports history. Some times he didn’t seamed at the level of other heavyweight power punchers but he used his skills, speed, timing, combinations and tactics in order to beat them. His nickname Mr. Perfect comes from here because he always finds the perfect combinations.

ISKA is proud to present Ernesto Hoost in the first class Legendary Champions in the modern Hall of Fame.

The president of ISKA Europe Paul Hennessy will be a special guest at SENSHI 20 and he is going to present the honor for Mr. Perfect him self.