Goma: I’m mad that I didn’t get the win in three rounds against Petrov (VIDEO)

Frangis Goma was frustrated from his loss at SENSHI 16 against Aleksander Petrov where the judges added an extra round so that the Bulgarian can show that he was the better fighter.

I feel mad because after three rounds I thought that I’ve won! I’m sure that I won this fight after three rounds but he is in his house so they think that we had to do more and put the extra round to be sure. Ok, you won but it was verry close“, said the Frenchman after the fight.

In the mean time Petrov confessed that in the toughest moment on the ring the crowd stood behind him to help him against one of his hardest opponents up to now.

It was e real war on the ring. I was waiting for a fight like that from a long time so that I can go beyond my skills. The crow really helps in such moments. I felt it the most when I turned around and hear the roar from everyone in the venue“, said Petrov after the gala.