Kristiyan Doychev before SENSHI 18: I am ready to concur new heights

Kristiyan Doychev is coming to SENSHI for the fourth time in his career when he gets to the 18th edition of the gala. He shared an exclusive interview with Boec before his fight with Renato Prenga from Italy. The Bulgarian stated that he is ready to concur new heights in his career.

My camp is going well at the moment. We’ve made some good sparing sessions and fitness training. I train in SENSHI GYM Varna where I work with Vladimir ‘The Pitbull’ Valev and Zhelian Zhelev. The Pitbull is helping me with the insides of my opponent and we are looking for similar sparing partners. I feel ready to concur new heights in my career“, he said a few days before the big gala.

Doychev is working hard on his tactical training and he is trying to figure out the strength and weaknesses for his rival. He will try to place his best shot – the spinning back kick. It brought him huge success in the past.

He has tons of medals from European and World karate Kyokushin tournaments. Kristiyan also has success in boxing and kickboxing. With all that experience he has huge confidence when going out on the ring because he truly believes  in his skills.

The difference between my first fight at SENSHI and now is that I have an abundance of experience and I gained allot of calmness and concentration. Boxing and kickboxing played a very big part in my career but the Kyokushin karate still is my best discipline. I do think that there I have the most experience. I’m a part of this sport since 2001“, added Doychev.

His best years wore between 2018-2019 when he won his first European title and his silver medal on the World championship. Doychev dreams of making karate even more popular in his hometown Varna where he can shared his knowledge with the young generation.

In his last fight at SENSHI 8 he got to e convincing unanimous decision against Jean-Paul Jako.

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