Kudo training camp will be held from December 15th in Varna

Kudo training camp, organized by the National Association of Combat Sports in Bulgaria, will be held in Varna in the period between December 15th and December 18th. Practices will be led by prominent martial arts masters. The master classes will take place in the prestigious sport center “SENSHI Gym“.

The participants of the training camp will have the opportunity to learn by Shihan Alexei Kononenko, 5th dan. He is 12-times All Japan Champion and 2-times silver medalist in World Championships. For the first time as instructor in Bulgaria during the kudo training camp will take part Senpai Meguro Yuta, 1st dan. He is 7-times All-Japan Champion in light weight division, six times in a row.

Before becoming one of the most titled kickboxers in the world, Shihan Semmy Schilt 9th Dan was Absolute Kudo Champion in 1996 and 1997. He also holds the title of King of Pancrase in the open weight class. He will be joining the team of instructors at this first camp and will be teaching side by side with Shihan Assen Assenov, 6th dan, member of the management board of the Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation. He is the first Bulgarian gold medalist in European Kyokushin Championship in 1988, as well as European Kickboxing Champion in 1994.

In the period between December 15th and December 18th, the participants of the camp will learn skills and fighting techniques from Sensei Zahari Damyanov, 4th dan, and Sensei Petar Martinov, 4th dan, who are coaches of the Bulgarian National Team of BKKF. Sensei Zahari Damyanov is Absolute World champion 2015, 4-times American Absolute champion, 4-times European Champion. Sensei Petar Martinov is World Champion, 3-times European Champion, 2-times Vice Champion of All America Los Angeles as well as 3-times European Tameshiwari Champion.