Mihail Velchovski before SENSHI 18: I am seeking a personal record

Mihail Velchovski is getting ready for his third SENSHI appearing in his career. His opponent will be Ayoub Benaddya. The fighter gave an exclusive interview for Boec and he is planning on seeking a personal record for the most fight gala appearances in an year.

This will be my sixth ring walk in the past six months and I am seeking a maximum count in order to pun on a record. This year I have had allot of fights and that’s why a train mainly for power and endurance“, Velchovski said.

In his last fight at SENSHI 17 he won via unanimous decision against Fernando Martin in a true spectacle. The Bulgarian fighter was dominant throughout the bout and the refs didn’t miss that in order to point him as the winner.

He is preparing himself in his hometown of Vratsa, Bulgaria, where he receives allot of support from the local fighters for his camp before SENSHI 18 against Benaddya. In the mean time he studies the strengths and weaknesses of his opponent.

Yes, we have watched him. He has a fighters style like my own. I think that it will be a very exiting match to watch. We are currently building our strategy and we are watching his previous fights to learn what we can“, Mihail added.

SENSHI 18 will be held on September 16th. Elite fighters from 14 countries will show their combat skills in 12 epic fights on the coast of Black sea.

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