Mitko Iliev: I did not expect to knock out Kevin Ruart (VIDEO)

Mitko Iliev got to a hard fought win against Kevin Ruart at SENSHI 16. He is notorious for his knockout power but confessed that didn’t expect to knock the Frenchman out.

I was sure that he is going to be heavier, tougher and without any injuries. I expected it all. I am an hones person and can say that I didn’t expect to knock him out. I can’t be too please with my self because most of my fights end up with a knockout“, shared the Bulgarian.

Iliev addressed Onjey Babic for a rematch after the fight. He lost against him a couple of weeks earlier before SENSHI.

At the beginning of the fight he throw a hard right hook and that made me think too much maybe. After that I went in harder but it was too late“, said the Frenchman.

Mitko Iliev dedicated his victory to his mother and said to her that there will be no more losses for him.