Nathan Corbett explains the technique behind an elbow knockout from Petar Stoykov (VIDEO)

There’s probably not a better person in the world who can give a us a more accurate explanation to one of the best knockouts in SENSHI history than Nathan “Carnage” Corbett or as he is better known as “The Man with the Golden Elbows”. The Australian was a part from the coaching team at the latest KWU SENSHI camp in Varna where he gave us a special interview. There he shared his view on one of the highlighted victories in Senpai Petar Stoykov’s career.

The spinning elbow is something that I only ever tried once in my fight career back in 2003. The reason I didn’t like to use the spinning elbow technique is because I couldn’t see my opponent. I never wanted to take my eyes of my opponent but as you can see in that video it’s very effective when you go to a situation where there is nothing more you can do and if you spin there is one more extra technique there that the other guy obviously isn’t expecting and that’s where the big KO comes. I was never fond of that technique and this is why I don’t teach that technique but I know how magical it is. When I see people like this Senpai throwing that elbow whit the person’s mouth guard goes flying, he get’s knocked out cold it was very impressive. Especially coming from a karate fighter because karate fighters usually from where I come from they are not very good with elbows. The best elbow techniques are more common in Thailand and Muay Thai. In karate elbows are not on the same level as in Muay Thai because it’s not usually an elbow sport. In Kyokushin you can’t punch in the head, you can’t elbow in the head or the body, it’s not an orthodox strike. Here we see a Muay Thai fight with karate fighters and the elbow was nasty so seeing that impressed me allot“, shared Corbett.

Currently Carnage teaches his students allot of elbow techniques but focuses on front strikes because as he said in his comment above he want’s to keep the focus on his opponent at all times.