Petar Martinov explains the difference between KWU Open, KWU Full Contact and KWU SENSHI (VIDEO)

Have you ever wondered what are the differences between the tree main fighting styles at the SENSHI gala? For once we have a KWU Open style, after that there is KWU Full Contact and then there is KWU SENSHI. Our team reached out to Sensei Petar Martinov at the last KWU SENSHI camp in Varna so that he can help us understand what separates the different disciplines between them and comparing to other combat sports.

The difference between KWU Open and lets say all other styles is that KWU Open is a variant of MMA but no completely the same. The fight on the ground can be up to 30 seconds so that we can focus more on fighting and not on wrestling. We all prefer a standing fight. Full Contact is like kickboxing and KWU SENSHI is like kickboxing but with elbows and striking in the clinch“, explained Martinov.

He is a part of the whole organization since the beginning which gives him a complete view on all of the fighting styles through the years.

The full interview with Sensei Petar Partinov can be seen in the video bellow.