Peter Aerts joins the KWU International Professional League camp in Varna

K-1 living legend Peter Aerts has joined the ongoing KWU International Professional Legaue training camp that takes place at “Senshi Gym” in Varna, Bulgaria.

The participants were divided into four groups with the remaining three groups being lead under the guidance of Semmy Schilt, Ernesto Hoost and Albert Kraus.

Pro fighters were separated into two groups – one with Peter Aerts and one with Ernesto Hoost. The four-time K-1 heavyweight champion Hoost emphasized on techniques and combos with the left hand and foot and then with the right hand and for. Hoost gave the fighters some valuable tips and lessons about the importance of the distance managing.

“The Dutch Lumberjack” showcased various power combos and techniques. Some of the best Bulgarian fighters and SENSHI stars such as Atanas Bozhilov, Petar Stoykov, Nikolay Yorgov and Alexander Petrov were getting knowledge from the three-time K-1 champion.

Albert Kraus, the former K-1 MAX and SUPERKOMBAT champion, was working with the younger participants. “The Hurricane” demonstrated a lot of skills from his dynamic fighting style.

Bulgaria’s Vladimir “The Pitbull” Vulev, the first professional kickboxing champion of Bulgaria, was assisting Kraus, as he was also sharing some of his experience with the youths.

Four-time K-1 heavyweight champion Semmy Schilt continued to work with the instructors and coaches. Schilt put a strong emphasis on the clinch game. “Hightower” showcased multiple ways of breaking out the clinch and working your way through the desired grip.

After the morning sessions, Bulgaria’s Shihan Asen Asenov lead a training session of his own. He outlined the differences between the kyokushin style and the full contact style. The first European kyokushin champion from Bulgaria demonstrated techniques on head movement.

Images: Roman Odessky