Rusi Minev: I am definitely going for the knockout at SENSHI 21

One of Bulgaria’s big combat sport stars – Rusi Minev, will make his debut on the SENSHI ring on April 20th in Varna, Bulgaria. Boec reached him out for his first comment about the fight against Bruno Carvalho.

I’ve started my camp for this fight and at the moment I am training at Fight Club Desant Dobrich and in Varna. Here we have allot of skilled guys who help me with my preparation. I’ve made my research about my opponent at SENSHI 21 and I managed to see his strengths and weaknesses“, Rusi said.

The Bulgarian shared that Dragomir Yordanov and Nikolay Dobrudjanski are in his team in order to prepare him for the KWU Open rules where there is a ring and the fight can’t last more than 30 seconds on the ground. He wants only the best in order to make himself better.

For the the ring is very different in comparison to the cage. I except the fight to be more dynamic. We can’t rely on things that we are used to in the cage because there is no fence to lie on. The fight will be different but I can’t wait to taste the feeling from getting in the ring. I even intend to have more fights like this in the future. I will definitely go for the knockout and make a spectacular battle. In training we are working on my speed and keeping up a good pace. I feel strong and ready for war“, added Minev.

Rusi Minev is hoping that he can give the fans a good fight. He excepts them to come and support him. After that he will go for more action in the organization.

SENSHI 21 will be held on April 20th in Varna’s Kongresna hall.