senshi 3

3-4 July 2019 | varna

In the beginning of July in Kamchiya the biggest international summer kyokushin camp took place. Over 1600 sportsmen participated in it. The karatekas were introduced to the KWU SENSHI rules. A training camp and referee seminar for the rules was held by Semmy Schilt and Peter Aerts. The main event in Kamchia was the third edition of SENSHI. This time in the form of SENSHI CUP – a two-day tournament in 8 weight categories -65,-70,-75,-80,-85,-90,-95 +95 only in the KWU SENSHI rules 3 rounds of 3 minutes. In order to be a SENSHI CUP holder every karateka had to go through a qualification round, semi-final and final. There were total of 27 fights and the fans enjoyed every bit of it. The fans craved for the fourth edition of SENSHI after those amazing bouts.


Senshi 3 kamchiya opening ceremony