The will to win must be taught along with the technique according to Nathan Corbett (VIDEO)

Nathan Corbett was one of the special guest coaches at the last KWU SENSHI camp in Varna so that he can share his experience with the next generation of fighters who want one day to get to the biggest combat stages in Bulgaria. He gave a special interview for to discus the philosophy behind his coaching career after he retired from his competition days. The will to win is on of the best advices he can give to a young athlete.

Of course I need to teach the technique, the movement, the strike, the elbows that I’m known for. I want to teach that because it’s important of course but over the years of teaching after I finished fighting I realized that the most magical thing is the energy, the mindset, the passion, the will to win. All of those factors that not allot of people teach at that format. They just teach the technical-striking side of it and they leave allot of the energy around, the mentality that takes to be a champion or even just to be a winner on any level. So, I want to passionately show my strikes with allot of energy and vibration that the person can pick up the feeling. I also talk with them about mentality like we’ve talked today for the will to win, the strong will that you want to win and that’s going to be one of the most important things if you want to be successful especially in a combat sport which has allot of violence, allot of hard knocks, allot of physical pain. Along the journey you have to have strong will in order to push through all of that to get that victory at the end“, said Corbett.

He also shared the story behind his other nickname – The Man with the Golden Elbows. It dates back from December 2003 when he won his first world title after a first round knockout. Before that he wan allot of victories with these elbow strikes but after that match in his native Australia on the cover of Kickboxing Magazine the issue stated “The Man with the Golden Elbows” with his picture of the first page. The nick stayed with him ever since.

The full interview with Nathan Corbett can be heard in the video below.