Two European titles were won in the heavy categories at SENSHI 18

On September 16, we saw two new SENSHI Euro champions, and at a previous edition of the international gala, three more fighters climbed to the European top.

The arena of the 18th edition of the SENSHI International Fight Gala night raised the adrenaline of the audience with the contested battle for the European title of the country in the category up to 90 kg and the fight for the European belt in the attractive category 95+ kg.

Two impressive fighters faced each other in the SENSHI European heavyweight title battle – the ambitious Ahmed Krnjic and the experienced veteran Bruno

Portugal’s Susano fought with determination and will against the powerful representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina throughout the match. The better of the two was Ahmed Krnjic, who won the European SENSHI title in the super heavyweight category over 95 kg by unanimous judges’ decision.


Sometimes we wonder how could anyone sustain a hit from any of these two menacing individuals. In the end, Ahmed Krnjic‘с hits were harder and he got the victory over Bruno Suzano. Congratulations to the new SENSHI European champion in the +95 kg category – Ahmed Krnjic! 


The duel for the European SENSHI title in the category up to 90 kg, under the rules of KWU FULL CONTACT, took place between Eduard Aleksanyan and the German Jacob Styben and brought a lot of positive emotions to the Varna audience on the beach in front of the fighting arena.

In an intense match, Eduard Aleksanyan prevailed over Jacob Styben, supported by his teammates, and fought for the European crown and the title in the category up to 90 kg. In the final bout of the evening, Aleksanyan came out with a cleaner and more precise style and was declared the winner after three contested rounds. The Bulgarian victory brought another European SENSHI title for our country and confirmed the legendary status of our fighters, who inspire well-deserved respect for their international rivals.


All eyes were on this one! Aleksanyan and Stuben gave us all a fight to remember, but the new SENSHI European champion in the -90 kg category could be only one. Congrats, Eduard Aleksanyan! 


The first-ever European titles of the SENSHI circuit were won in the previous edition of the professional fighting gala SENSHI 17. The fight gala on July 8, 2023, featured three controversial fights for the European SENSHI title in the 70 kg, 75 kg, and 85 kg categories, which the Bulgarian contenders won. Bulgarian leading kickboxers Dragomir Petrov, Atanas Bozhilov, and Aleksander Petrov won all three titles.

Dragomir Petrov, among the crowd’s favorites, once again did an excellent job against his worthy opponent – the Japanese Yu Hirono, and brought the first European title for our country in the category up to 70 kg with a unanimous decision of the judges.

Atanas Bozhilov is one of the most talented Bulgarian kickboxers, winner of numerous titles in combat sports, and a living legend on the international circuit with an impressive 16 victories in the SENSHI ring. In July, Atanas Bozhilov won the SENSHI European title in the 75 kg category with a unanimous judges’ decision in a titanic match against the Portuguese Adolfo Barao – a truly worthy opponent and six-time kickboxing champion of his country.

Aleksander Petrov brought a European title to SENSHI 17 in the 85 kg category. Petrov scored the unlikely victory over Ali El Ameri after an extra fourth round. Alexander Petrov is the 2015 WAKO World Kickboxing Champion and a regular participant in the SENSHI fight galas.

Stay tuned for news on the next edition of the SENSHI Fight Gala in 2023. We guarantee that the next event will be even more spectacular and exciting!