Zahari Damyanov: The SENSHI camps are of equal use to young and experienced athletes (VIDEO)

The KWU SENSHI camps became one of the biggest combat sporting events in Bulgaria through the years and the latest proved it once again. There we men again with Sensei Zahari Damyanov who is sure that these camps are of equal use to young and experienced athletes.

I’ve had the opportunity and honor to be part of the very first SENSHI and I think that it gives a great opportunity for all the young and even experienced athletes to improve their skills. At the SENSHI camps for instructors every time we have some of the best former competitors and world champions“, said Damyanov for

He highlighted that every time he tries to pay special attention to every single one of his students without any concerns for their count at his lectures.

The full interview with Sensei Zahari Damyanov can be heard and seen in the video below.