110 kg. Brazilian and 192 cm. German are challenging each other at SENSHI 21

The heavyweight division is always capable of surprising us with an exotic fight like the one between Endrit Emini (Germany) and Luis De Brito (Brazil). These two have two completely different postures and that makes them a potential cult classic at SENSHI 21.

The 24 years old German has the height advantage of 12 cm. above his 29 year old Brazilian opponent. On the other hand Luis weights 110 kg. which is 8 kg. more than the European fighter.

Emini comes with a background of the Integra FC Winner from 2016 and the Respect FC winner the same year. In his amateur year he won 5 MMA championships.

De Brito on the other had is the Sub World Capoeira Champion, the Brazilian Combat Sambo Champion and the multiple times Grappling and Jiu Jitsu Champion.

These two will face each other at SENSHI 21 in the KWU Open 95+ kg. division.