A happy end of the KWU International Professional League Camp in Varna

The last training session of the International Professional League Camp of KWU in Varna was held this morning and it went just as smooth and nice as the very first one. Despite the exhaustion after the 3-per-day sessions the last two days, the fighters and the instructors worked hard and had fun in the last session in “Vladislav” gym earlier today. The pro fighters and the hobbyists were mixed in groups which were led by the star instructors of the camp. The former ruler of the “lightweight” and “welterweight” division Albert Kraus took the group with the lighter fighters. He insisted on working on counterattacks when catching the opponent’s kicks. The Dutch showed a couple of variations of manipulating the opoonent`s balance and a few powerful counterattacks that can result into a KO. After the technique part, Kraus joined the sparring session and did some rounds with one of the best Bulgarian coaches – Mario Kirlov, Krasimir Dimov, and Vladimir Valev “The Pitbull”. The 3-x K-1 Heavyweight Champ Peter Aerts took the group with more instructors and veterans in it. He spent his time and energy trying to make their counters better and emphasized on staying relaxed and finishing your combinations with heavy low kicks. During the demonstration of the techniques he was helped by his son Marciano who we can definitely say is following his father`s footsteps. Fellow former K-1 ruler of the heavyweight division Ernesto Hoost used the last hour and a half of the camp to teach the fighters some tricks and details to cover their attacks and make them unpredictable. Hoost showed how to set traps with faints and surprise your opponent with unorthodox moves. He also joined the sparring session in the end which brought the attention of everyone in the room. After seven hard sessions in a period of three days a time to say goodbye came. The fighters stood in front of their coaches for one last time for this camp. They received some valuable advice and were praised by the instructors for their hard work and discipline.