A three time Colosseum winner is coming at SENSHI 21 to challenge Atanas Bozhilov

SENSHI 21’s fight card is starting to take shape as we began the countdown for the next international fight gala in Varna, Bulgaria. The next matchup that we can reveal is between Atanas Bozhilov (Bulgaria) and Adrian Madalin (Romania). They will face each other in the KWU Full Contact 75 kg. division.

We’ve had allot of opportunities to make you a presentation of the living legend in the face of Bozhilov and we will continue doing so as long as he is around to give us joy from the combat sports world. He is the reigning defending European SENSHI champion in this weight class. In the past he also has a special page in his resume dedicated to WAKO. He won the WAKO PRO World K1 Championship in 2019, the WAKO World Cup in 2017 and he finished second on two occasions at WAKO Kickboxing European Championship (2016 and 2018) and one time at WAKO Kickboxing World Championship in 2017.

In the red corner we see a man who also has something to showoff in his repertoire. The Romanian in a three time Colosseum champion and the Road To Dynamite Fighting Show winner.

These two will step into the ring at SENSHI 21. The gala will be held on April 20th in the Palace of culture and sports in Varna, Bulgaria.