Albert Kraus: People who know about the SENSHI camps are growing around the world (VIDEO)

Albert Kraus became one of the very well known names around the KWU SENSHI camps because of his charisma and skills to share his knowledge from inside the ring to the next generation of fighters. Our team reached out to him at the latest camp in Varna to speak about his relatively new achievement as a coach so far away from his native Netherlands.

Too often people around the world ask me – What is this SENSHI. It seems that the interest is growing for the SENSHI camp and SENSHI gala. I am a small part of it all and that makes me proud that it’s developing in the system“, said Kraus for Boec.

There was no way that we don’t ask him about his past year in the sport when he concurred peaks all around the world.

K1 World Max is the highest level where I participated. Back then it was were the worlds best fighters gather. Now we have Glory and ONE Championship. I’ve fought at Glory but honestly I didn’t like it that much. Here at SENSHI it feels more like a family compering to Glory. That’s why I like more coming here than over there“,  shared the Dutch.

He shared his view on rivalry and friendships in combat sports along with other interesting things from his experience and career. The full interview can he seen and heard in the video below.