Andy Souwer: Throughout my whole career I wore a mask that separates my personal and professional life (VIDEO)

Andy Souwer was a special guest lecture ad the Nicolas Petas’s Mastermind class in the company of Albert Kraus and Mariyan Valev. They wore a part of this years KWU SENSHI camp in Kamchia, Bulgaria. We got in touch with Andy for an exclusive interview about his kickboxing career in the past 20 years. He shared that in the whole time he was wearing a mask that separates his personal life from his business and vice versa.

I do see the similarities between being an actor and being a fighter because I’m more experienced, I am older right now. So, throughout my life I wore a mask. I was wearing the image of being the fighter Andy Souwer. I was doing that all my life. Not only in my career but also besides the fighting. I was always in self self destruction, insecureness, and there never was a balance. So, I really feel similar to the actor somehow. In a fight I was doing the opposite. I was in control, I was fast, I was hard and after the fight I was in control of breathing and people wore thinking that this guy was really straight, really  good, he works hard, his work rate is good, he sleeps, rests, eats, trains in schedule. Actually it was but I also had mental problems because of that as a human being“, said Souwer.

He also shared some of his toughest moments when first he was forced to listen to his father to leave football and go for kickboxing, and after that when he needed to change his coaches in order to find unconsciously the father figure who needed to push him again to his limits in order to shine in the ring.