Atanas Bozhilov before SENSHI 22: SENSHI European title should stay in Bulgaria

The kickboxer said he hopes to make the home crowd happy with a victory and have no injuries after the match.

On 6 July at 6:30 pm, EET at the beach of St. St. Constantine and Helena resort in Varna, Bulgaria, will turn into an arena for gladiator fights, and the eight professional matches of SENSHI 22 will raise the tension to the limit. The beloved Bulgarian fighter and a legend of the ring with 19 victories in his asset of the fighting circuit – Atanas Bozhilov, will fight in just a few days in a match for the defense of his European SENSHI title in the category up to 75 kg under the kickboxing rules KWU Full Contact. Get ready for an evening filled with adrenaline and excitement!

In an interview for the Morning Show of Bulgaria ON AIR, he revealed more about his upcoming fight and his opponent, Samo Petje.

“The opponent is quite serious. I have prepared for it. I have watched his strengths and weaknesses. I hope I don’t have any injuries and stay healthy. The opponent has several appearances in SENSHI. He has a lot of victories. I hope to come out victorious. My coach and I have prepared for his strengths, and we must overcome them,” Bozhilov said. He added that in the summer, preparing for competition is much more difficult for professional athletes as the heat interferes, but that doesn’t stop him from training twice a day, showcasing his unwavering dedication and inspiring commitment to the sport.

The important thing is to win – to make the audience, our families, and Bulgaria happy! The European SENSHI title should stay in Bulgaria!” said Atanas Bozhilov at the end of the conversation today. The full video of the fighter’s interview can be seen on the Bulgaria ON AIR TV website here.

The International Martial Arts Gala Night SENSHI 22 will be held on July 6 at 6:30 p.m. EET at the restaurant More on the beach of St. St. Constantine and Helena, Varna. Hurry up to reserve your place on the beach, enjoy the fantastic fight show, and support the Bulgarian fighters — tickets for the gala night are available online at