Bozhilov: I am ready to prove that I am the better fighter

The Legend Atanas Bozhilov is running it back against Madike Camara. The two are challenging at SENSHI 19 and are now fighting again on November 25th. It is sanctioned under the KWU Full Contact rules at the 75 kg division.

The two fighters last faced each other at SENSHI 18 in a highly contested clash that saw our compatriot emerge victorious by decision.

“My training takes place in Burgas. I train with Drago Petrov, and every week, we spar so that I can be in optimal shape for the match. I am aware of my opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, and after the first fight, I was a bit surprised by his tactics. After that, Kamara asked for a rematch, and I don’t run away from rematches, and I’m ready to show again that I’m the better fighter,” Bojilov told

The Bulgarian believes in victory and that he will be able to neutralize the strengths of his opponent. A better analysis of the Frenchman was made so that the victory could be more decisive in the second fight, and there would be no doubts about who the winner was.

“My training is going according to plan. Tactically and physically, I feel ready to conquer the 17th victory in the SENSHI ring. I feel amazing in the organization’s ring, which does not give me the right to make a mistake. People want to see what I can do. This makes me come out extremely concentrated in every match and reach the victory”, added the Bulgarian.

Nakata stated that he would press his opponent from the start of the fight and would not hesitate to knock Kamara out if given a good opportunity.

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