Bulgarian fighters earned six victories and a new European title for the country in SENSHI 18

24 fighters from 14 countries performed on the beach arena of SENSHI 18

The Bulgarian fighters who took to the arena in the 18th edition of the SENSHI International Fight Gala in Varna raised the audience’s adrenaline and eventually brought six victories and a new European title to the country in the category of up to 90 kg.

Konstantin Mihailov, Kristiyan Doychev, Atanas Bozhilov, Mariyan Dimitrov, Mihail Velchovski, Dragomir Petrov, and Eduard Aleksanyan performed in the arena in the professional fighting event SENSHI 18. He left no doubts about the high level of their fighting skills, technical skills, and winning solid spirit.

In the first bout of the evening under the rules of KWU FULL CONTACT in the category up to 70 kg, the Bulgarian fighter Konstantin Mihailov defeated Vincenzo Di Nicola from Italy by unanimous decision of the judges in a very strong and contested match, which also forced an extra round.

The bout between Kristiyan Doychev and the Italian Renato Prenga in the 85 kg category also offered the audience a lot of spectacular action and strong punches. Doychev had a high pace and a lot of fighting experience over his young opponent and expectedly won the fight by unanimous decision of the judges.

The sixth bout of the evening in the weight category up to 75 kg thrilled the audience with the performance of the experienced and strong fighter Atanas Bozhilov, who rarely misses a fight on the circuit and always receives the applause of the spectators. In the spectacular match against the Frenchman Madicke Kamara, he again showed his champion spirit and confidently won his 16th victory in the SENSHI ring.

In the only night match under the KWU OPEN rules, held in the 85 kg weight category, Tonny van Dijk from Netherlands prevailed with a submission over home fighter Mariyan Dimitrov. From the beginning of the fight, Dimitrov was looking for his chance to knock out his opponent, and the fight was going at an incredible pace, but in a scramble in the ring in the first round, he found himself in a deadlock from which van Dijk emerged the winner.

Mihail Velchovski and Ayoub Benaddya proved to be stiff rivals in the bout under 75 kg, displaying swift striking, but neither gained a significant advantage. The spectators enjoyed an extra 4th round of the two at-traction fighters, in which Mihail Velchovski threw all his might to win and was crowned champion by judges’ decision in a tough fight.

In the tenth bout of the gala evening, in the category up to 70 kg, between Dragomir Petrov and the Slovenian Samo Petje, the martial arts fans in Varna were impressed by the blows exchanged by the two rivals. Dragomir Petrov won his bout against Petje by unanimous judges’ decision after an extremely tense match and an extra 4th round. The crowd appreciated the Slovene’s technique and good defensive strategy, and the organizers also highly appreciated the fight and awarded the prize for “Best Technique” to Samo Petje.

The fight for the European SENSHI title in the category up to 90 kg, under the rules of KWU FULL CONTACT between Eduard Aleksanyan and the German Jacob Styben, was highly anticipated and very exciting for the Varna audience on the beach in front of the fighting arena.

In a strong final match, Eduard Aleksanyan prevailed over Jacob Styben, supported by his townmates, to claim the European crown. Aleksanyan imposed himself with a cleaner and more precise style. It was declared the winner after three rounds of the fight for the European SENSHI title in the category up to 90 kg. The Bulgarian victory brought another title for our country and confirmed the legendary status of the native fighters who inspire well-deserved respect from their international rivals.

Among the special individual awards at the SENSHI 18 International Gala Night, Mihail Velchovski received the special award “Fighting Spirit” for the second time this year. He demonstrated incredible energy and determination during his fight against a formidable opponent and did not give up without claiming his precious victory.

In its 18 editions, the SENSHI professional fighting circuit attracts the world’s best fighters in various styles and categories, offering a true fighting spectacle to the home audience on an unprecedented scale. Don’t miss the next editions of the international fighting gala, guaranteed to deliver tons of action!

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