Shihan Akira Masuda joins the group of legends of the KWU SENSHI camp

In February 2024, the first of the year, the KWU SENSHI International Training Camp, which traditionally attracts a lot of interest in martial arts circles, will be held in Varna, Bulgaria. In the well-known format, participants worldwide come to Bulgaria to learn from the most famous martial arts masters. Young fighters who will take part in the upcoming camp from 22 to 25 February 2024 will be able to learn from the experience and practices of fighting legends, as well as develop their technique and skills in various martial arts – Kyokushin, kickboxing, MMA, Muay Thai, etc.

The next edition of the international SENSHI 20 will noticeably raise the level of emotions among combat sports fans in the country, who can follow the live developments in the contested battles of professional fighters from 17 countries. The 20th Anniversary Fight Gala Evening will be held on 24 February at 18:00 in the Palace of Culture and Sports in Varna. Tickets for the spectacular sporting event are already available in the network of

In the days of the training camp, Varna will welcome martial arts legends, who will be the leading instructors of the camp, as well as special guests and referees of the fights in the ring of SENSHI 20.

Last but not least, Shihan Akira Masuda joins the legendary instructors.

Shihan Akira Masuda (ラスト サムライ), The Last Samurai – All Japan Champion 1990, completed 100 man kumite in 1991, 2nd place at the 5th World Championships 1991, 3rd place on the 4th World Open Championship 1987. He participated in 4 World Championships, always finishing on the podium, and President of the KWU SENSHI.

Check out this lesson:

And here is his first interview for the media partner of SENSHI, Bulgaria ON AIR:

We look forward to reuniting with the great master and Shihan. His lessons in Kyokushin, full contact karate, and his thoughts on life are valuable lessons for us all.

Participants in the training camp from 22 to 25 February have the opportunity not only to develop their fighting skills but also to have their talent noticed by SENSHI scouts. It is also the shortest route to the professional sports scene and gives a real chance to participate in the subsequent editions of the international SENSHI circuit. The martial talent spotters will evaluate the skills of the participants in the training camps, paying attention to fighters with potential for future success at the martial arts gala.

The International KWU SENSHI Camp and the SHISHI 20 Fight Gala Night are organized in cooperation with the KWU International Professional League, as well as with the special support of Armeec Insurance Company, MAX Sport, Bulgaria Air, M Car Group – BMW dealer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Service and St. St. Constantine and Helena Holding.