Triumph for Débora Évora against Montana Aerts in the judges cards

Débora Évora from Portugal gave a successful start to the fighting event SENSHI 15 in the Palace of culture and sports in Varna by a unanimous decision against Montana Aerts from the Netherlands.

The fight was extremely challenging, especially in the first two rounds where they exchanged a lot of shots.

In the 1st part, Évora stepped up the tempo using counterattacks.

Aerts won the second round after some good instructions from her corner. She pushed up the pace with a lot of low kicks against the south paw’s left leg.

The decisive part wore the last 60 seconds of the third round where Débora Évora landed some knees. She won the crowd with these attacks and deserved the rising of the hand from the judge – Sensei Zahari Damyanov.

The judges’ cards scored 30:28, 30:28, and 29:28 in favor of the 24-year-old Portuguese.