Contested fights, shock knockouts and a spectacular fighting spectacle SENSHI 12 offered to the audience

Three native battle stars triumphed on the arena on the beach edition of the international fighting gala evening

Real fight spectacle, lots of action, spectacular knockouts, perfect technique and unpredictable fights until the last second offered the new 12th edition of the professional fighting gala evening SENSHI. The grand fight show took place on the beach at the Saints Constantine and Helena resort on July 9.

The performance of the Bulgarian fighters on the SENSHI arena was more than excellent. The native battle stars Atanas Bozhilov, Edward Aleksanyan and Aleksandar Petrov showed the usual high level and triumphed on the arena of the fighting gala evening. In the main fight for the night, Dragomir Petrov lost in a very close match to Brazilian superstar Bruno Gazani, who is among the top names in GLORY.

By tradition, at the end of the new beach edition of the international fighting gala evening, the special awards for the evening were also handed out. The award “Knockout of the evening” was presented to Stefan Latescu from Romania. The “Fighting Spirit” award went to the Bulgarian fighter Dragomir Petrov and the award for “Best Techniques” went to Andrei Kedves.

Look at the complete results from the 12th edition of the international professional fighting gala evening SENSHI:

Fight No. 1

Category 55 kg, rules: KWU Full Contact

Montana Aerts (Netherlands) defeated Mina Kirlaki (Greece) in the opening bout of the 12th edition of the international fight gala evening by unanimous decision after an extra round.

Fight No. 2

Category 65 kg, rules: KWU Full Contact

Kim Alina-Ross (Australia) managed to win in the attractive fight against Chiara Guisti (Italy). After 9 minutes serious and contestant fight, the judges gave victory to the Australian.

Fight No. 3

Category 75 kg, rules: KWU SENSHI

Cypriot competitor Lucas Tryfonos defeated Sergey Charnetsky in the third match of the spectacular fighting gala evening. The fight was stopped shortly before the end of the second round by doctor’s order who did not allow Czarnetsky to continue because of a severe arcade on the forehead.

Fight No. 4

Category +95 kg, rules: KWU Full Contact

Stefan Latescu (Romania) won the fight against Olivier Langlois-Ross (Canada) after the almighty left crochet of the Romanian contestant in the final third part of the battle. The judge Semmy Schilt did not allow the Canadian fighter to continue, because he was obviously in an inadequate condition after the heavy blow.

Fight No. 5

Category +95 kg, rules: KWU Full Contact

Estonian fighter Uku Jurjendal won the fifth fight of the night in an extremely beautiful and brutal fashion, knocking out Dutchman Bas Vorstenbosch with a brutal Superman-style right straight during the second round.

Fight No. 6

Category 75 kg, rules: KWU Full Contact

Atanas Bozhilov from Bulgaria defeated Georgi Bazanov (Croatia) with unanimous decision and a brilliant in-ring performance by SENSHI 12. The Bulgarian fighter entertained the audience up to the last second with his spectacular combinations.

Fight No. 7

Category 75 kg, rules: KWU Full Contact

Andrei Kedves won the fight against Max Spodarenko by unanimous decision after the final third part of the battle.

Fight No. 8

Category 80 kg, rules: KWU Full Contact

Florin Lambaggiou defeated Yunal Alakais with a spectacular knockout in the second round of the fight after a thunderous left hook.

Fight No. 9

Category 85 kg, rules: KWU Full Contact

Eduard Aleksanyan from Bulgaria recorded one of the fastest wins in the history of the SENSHI galas by knocking out the Swiss Beni Osmanoski on the first minute of the first round. Osmanoski was knocked down in the first 10 seconds from the initial gong, after he got two extremely heavy blows on the head.

Fight No. 10

Category 85 kg, rules: KWU Full Contact

Boban Ilioski (North Macedonia) defeated Jakub Smigielski, knocking out the athlete in the first round after very strong combinations in the first seconds of the fight.

Fight No. 11

Category 80 kg, rules: KWU Full Contact

Nikola Todorovic (Serbia) recorded a victory through non-unanimous decision over Bilal Shareef (France) in the final third of the match.

Fight No. 12

Category 85 kg, rules: KWU Full Contact

Alexander Petrov from Bulgaria defeated the Spanish fighter Ruben Garcia in a spectacular match. Petrov started the final round of the bout with a bang and got the win.

Fight No. 13

Category 70 kg, rules: KWU Full Contact

The Brazilian fighter Bruno Gazani defeated the Bulgarian Dragomir Petrov. The two contestants showed iron will and chins in the closing minutes of the match, with the Brazilian able to triumph with a victory in the clash.

Referees and commentators on the grand fighting gala were K-1 greats, three-time and four-time K-1 World Heavyweight Champions Peter Aerts, Semmy Schilt and Ernesto Hoost, and the spectacular “K-1 Max” circuit champion Albert Kraus. For the first time on SENSHI, the greats Sam Greco and Nicolas Pettas were among the special guests, referees and commentators.

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