Esteemed Instructors of the XVIII International Summer Martial Arts Camp 2024

As the XVIII International Summer Martial Arts Camp 2024 draws near, we are thrilled to announce the renowned martial arts figures who will be leading training sessions. Hosted by the KWU International Professional League and Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation, this camp offers an unparalleled opportunity for growth and development. Let’s meet our esteemed instructors:

KWU SENSHI leaders and instructors:

  1. Shihan Akira Masuda
  2. Shihan Semmy Schilt
  3. Shihan Francisco Filho
  4. Ernesto Hoost
  5. Shihan Ivo Kamenov
  6. Shihan Marin Mitev
  7. Shihan Ryu Narushima
  8. Shihan Sam Greco
  9. Shihan Asen Asenov
  10. Shihan Nicholas Pettas
  11. Shihan Glaube Feitosa
  12. Albert Kraus
  13. Andy Souwer
  14. Sensei Ewerton Teixeira
  15. Sensei Tariel Nikoleishvili
  16. Sensei Zahari Damyanov
  17. Sensei Jan Soukup
  18. Sensei Andrews Nakahara
  19. Sensei Petar Martinov
  20. Sensei Yusuke Fujii
  21. Senpai Jo Miyahara

KUDO instructors:

  • Jukucho Shihan Kenichi Osada
  • Shihan Hiroyuki Komatsu
  • Shihan Kiyotaka Kato

The international camp is back this year with several exciting competitions. On July 2, the World Cup Varna will bring together young Kyokushin karate enthusiasts from all over the world in the junior and cadet categories (ages 14-21). On July 4 and 5, the KWU SENSHI World Cup for amateurs with eliminations and semi-finals for a chance to reach the finals during the SENSHI 22 gala evening on July 6.

Get ready for an action-packed week filled with intense training sessions, cultural exchange opportunities, and unforgettable memories. Located near Varna, Kamchia offers a picturesque setting that adds to the enriching experience of this event.

June 30th to July 7th at Kamchia (34 km from Varna), Bulgaria. Don’t miss out on XVIII International Summer Camp – it’s going to be epic!