K1 legend Peter Aerts for Sherdog.com: There are really good fighters in Senshi!

The three-time world heavyweight champion of the K-1 Grand Prix series Aerts who is one of SENSHI’s referees and instructors was under the spot light. Before SENSHI 10’s annual edition the K1 legend was a special guest to Sherdog and Tudor Leonte, where he definitely shared interesting details about his life, career and his participance at SENSHI. 

“There are really good fighters in Senshi,” he said. “There are many Bulgarians, some Russian guys, I really like their fighting style. Petar Stoykov, I like [him]. He really [reminds me of] myself kickboxing. Kill the legs, you know? And there are many, many fighters like this. I think it’s really exciting to watch, they’re doing really well. You can see the difference already between the first [event] and now. Every time they fight, every month, every two months, you see the level going up and they get better and better. I think it’s a nice competition.”

Stoykov is scheduled to face Portugal’s Joao Pedro Silva, AKA “Kalashnikov,” in a 155-pound clash. The fight goes on Saturday at 1 p.m. ET and will be broadcast live for free on FITE and online at Senshi.com, Boec.bg, Boec.com, Kwunion.com and Kyokushinkarate.news. Stoykov is attempting to bounce back following his first defeat under Senshi’s banner. Per Aerts, his Stoykov would be well served to attack the lower part of his opponent’s body.

“Everyone has his own style, but the thing I liked about Stoykov last time was when he killed the legs. My vision is like this. You have to fight, but you have to make the people [suffer]. You [inflict] pain to the legs, people start thinking and making mistakes. That’s the way for me when we’re fighting. Everybody thinks I fight like a crazy man, but everything I do [is] already in my mind. I [play] chess. When I face a fighter, I put them in the corner where I want. It’s all tactical, you know? That’s what I try to teach these guys in Senshi, to do that too. About Stoykov, I like the way he killed the legs. That was my strategy as well.”

Aerts also spared a few words for his fellow referees Semmy Schilt and Ernesto Hoost, talked about his plans to move to Japan, discussed why he never clicked with mixed martial arts, and more.

Follow the whole interview on Sherdog.com: https://www.sherdog.com/videos/videointerview/K1-vet-Peter-Aerts-Appreciates-How-Senshis-Petar-Stoykov-Likes-to-Kill-the-Legs-17718