Legends of SENSHI: The journey from the beginning to greatness

The anniversary edition of the gala in February will captivate the audience in Varna with new fighters and a high dose of action

Five years, 19 major editions, 244 fight stars from 48 countries, dozens of knockouts, a lot of sweat, tears, and breathtaking victories – this is the summary behind the SENSHI professional fight galas since their beginning in 2019 until now, when on February 24, 2024, the Congress Hall of the Palace of Culture and Sports in the city of Varna, Bulgaria will host the SENSHI Gala and once again will welcome the martial spectacle for its 20th-anniversary edition.

There is only a little time left to get your tickets for the best seats at the SENSHI 20 fight show from the network of Eventim.bg. Until then, we have prepared a special selection of the biggest names of fighting legends who have stepped into the SENSHI ring so far.

The tremendous combat sports legends who have graced the SENSHI stage as referees and judges at martial arts galas are world-renowned martial arts masters such as Ernesto Hoost, Semmy Schilt, Francisco Filho, Glaube Feitosa, Sam Greco, Nicholas Pettas, Ewerton Teixeira, Jan Soukup, Yusuke Fujii, Albert Kraus, Andy Souwer, Asen Asenov, Zahari Damyanov, Petar Martinov, Krasimir Dimov and Nikolay Atanasov.

The martial arts legends are special guests and coaches at the KWU SENSHI international training camps, organized in parallel with the martial arts galas. The camps started in 2019 and are held several times a year. Hundreds of participants from all over the world gather in Bulgaria to receive guidance from highly qualified instructors and martial artists, train together with them, and develop their skills. Regular participants of KWU SENSHI training camps showing high potential and fighting talent have the chance to be the following participants of the SENSHI ring.

Among the big names in combat sports who have taken to the SENSHI arena are WAKO PRO K-1 world champion Sergej Braun of Germany, four-time WGP champion Bruno Gazani of Brazil, alums of Dutch kickboxing legend Peter Arts, Romanian fighters Stefan Latescu, Florin Lambagio, and stars from the Stoica Academy – the most renowned kickboxing school in Romania. The powerful fighter Uku Jürjendal from Estonia received the audience’s applause in his four fights in the SENSHI ring, and his performances in Varna were a springboard for his participation on big stages abroad. The Bulgarian Bogdan Shumarov, who made his country famous in Asia, also achieved outstanding achievements, and his star rose in the SENSHI ring, where he scored four victories.

In 2021, SENSHI 9 also hosts the finals of the first European Amateur Championships in 6 weight classes with 60 fighters, organized by the Professional League of the Kyokushin World Union. The finals will also determine the first European champions in the 70 kg, 75 kg, 80 kg, 85 kg, 90 kg, and 90+ kg categories. More events and competitions of this rank are to be held.

These interesting facts reflect SENSHI’s rich heritage and global influence as one of the largest and most prestigious events in the martial arts world. With its international popularity, renowned fighters, rising martial stars, and exciting releases, SENSHI continues to elevate martial arts standards and inspire future generations of fighters and its large fan base.

Coming very soon is the full fight card with 13 interesting fights under the rules of KWU FULL CONTACT, KWU SENSHI, and KWU OPEN, with selected fighters from 17 countries. More information about the upcoming editions of SENSHI, interviews with prominent fighters, and the latest martial arts news can be found on the social networks Facebook and Instagram, as well as on the official page of the international fighting circuit – www.senshi.com.

SENSHI 20 is organized in cooperation with theKWU International Professional League, as well as with the special support of Armeec Insurance Company, MAX Sport, Bulgaria Air, M Car Group – BMW dealer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Service and St. St. Constantine and Helena Holding.

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