SENSHI stars were VIP guests in Hell’s Kitchen Bulgaria

Some of the big SENSHI stars and young talents were the special guests in one of the most popular reality shows in Bulgaria – Hell’s Kitchen. In chef Viktor Angelov’s famous kitchen, the winner of the SENSHI European title in the cat. up to 75 kg. Atanas Bozhilov and his wife – Viliana were there, as well as the absolute world Kyokushin champion Zahari Damyanov, who demonstrated kata in front of everyone’s curious eyes, bringing more people closer to the magic of combat sports.

Among the SENSHI VIP guests in the restaurant were also the brothers Kristiyan and Georgi Doychevi – karate kyokushin champions and winners of an award from the president for their contribution to the development of the sport, as well as one of SENSHIsgreat sports hopes – Yoan Rusev, who is a regular participant in the KWU SENSHI training camps.

Only in less than 2 weeks, on April 20, 2024, we will see Atanas Bozhilov and Zahari Damyanov again, but this time not in the kitchen of hell, but in the hall of action – the Palace of Culture and Sports in Varna, where at 6:00 p.m. will be held the 21st edition of the international fight gala night SENSHI.

One of the referees of SENSHI 21 will be the absolute world Kyokushin champion Zahari Damyanov, and 28 professional athletes from 16 countries, including Atanas Bozhilov, will take the ring in 14 contested fights. The testimonial match of Vladimir Valev – The Pitbull is also expected to raise the adrenaline of the Varna audience. Tickets for the spring edition of the SENSHI 21 fight show are already on sale and can be purchased from the network.