The 100 kg. Bruno Suzano: From 22 years I don’t eat meat (VIDEO)

The diet is always an essential part of a professional athletes success. This is especially important in combat sports because of all of the weight balancing for the different categories. But for Bruno Suzano this is not the case because he admits that the last time we ate meat was 22 year ago despite the fact he fights above 100 kg. The Portuguese fighters is challenging for the European SENSHI title against Ahmed Krnjic on September 16th in Varna, Bulgaria.

For 22 year now I don’t eat meat. For me it’s better. I feel better, I hit harder and my body feels great. Now when I have a meal I can go hard in the gym in only 30 minutes. I felt stomach ache when I ate meat and that’s why I stopped“, Suzano said for Bulgaria ON AIR.

Meat is the fastest and easiest way to gain protein and healthy fats. This is why they are almost a must for any fighter. But for the 39 year old Bruno this is not the case. He found the formula to keep his body in shape and that is what helps him for a long lasting career.

I plan to go on fighting for five more year“, added Suzano i shared that the time for retirement is when fear starts crawling to your mind when you face an opponent. That is the time to take off the gloves.

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