Vladimir The Pitbull Valev: A man can regardless of how hard it is, as long as he wants it that much

One of Bulgaria’s kickboxing legends is making his testimony fight at SENSHI 21. Vladimir The Pitbull Valev will face Carlos Garcia from Spain in the main event on April 20th in Varna, Bulgaria. Boec reached him for an interview before the match and here is what he shared with us.

It was me who wanted this fight to happen because I wanted to go out for one last time. I proposed to the organization and they bought the idea. It is a fact and I will be involved in SENSHI 21. I hope that in few weeks I can get in shape. For sure the long absence from the ring will be a factor. I even feel a little rusty“, The Pitbull said.

This will be his first fight in 8 years. That’s why he will be in the hands of Dobromir Ivanov for his preparation.

I’ve studied my opponent’s style. He keeps a high tempo and fearlessly goes forward. The only thing that bothers me is that I must spare my stamina for the full fight. I am not 25 or 30 any more, I will be 40 next month. That’s why my game should be different than what it was before. I am working hard and I hope that we can go all the way“, he added.

Valev will go for the kill if an opportunity presents its self. That’s what he always does.

I do feel some pressure. It was some time since I last felt this way. Even in my last fights there was no such adrenaline, and now only the thought of it makes it go up. I have more than 100 children who train at my gym in Varna and I want to make them happy with a victory that they can loop up to. A man can regardless of how hard it is, as long as he wants it that much. In nowadays sports are a must for a child growing up and forming a character. Hard soul in a healthy body – this is my principal. It is not necessary for them to become professional fighters. The important thing is that they can develop them selves, make some contacts, and make some friends. This doesn’t need to happen only on the internet“, Vladimir Valev said.

SENSHI 21 will be held on April 20th in Varna’s Kongresna hall.