Jakob Styben: Bulgaria is like my second home (VIDEO)

Jakob Styben is coming back to Bulgaria on September 16th to face Eduard Aleksanyan and challenge for the European SENSHI title at the KWU Full Contact 90 kg. division. He is a well known face for the locals because it is his fifth or sixth visit to the country. Previously he participated in other SENSHI galas and camps. Boec made a virtual meeting with him to check on his preparation for the big fight and here is what he shared.

I am coming to Bulgaria for the fifth or sixth time and I feel there like it is my second home. People are very nice and respectful and I even managed to make some friendships there. I my mind I am not traveling to Bulgaria, I am going home“, the German said.

But there are allot of people who see him as the underdog going into the fight despite the injury that took Aleksanyan out from action in the past few months. The Bulgarian is in top 10 in the 90 kg. division in the world according to Combat Press. But that doesn’t bother at all because he believes that when two people get into that ring all odds are off and the only thing that matters is how each of them feels at the exact day in order to give their best.

I can’t wait to come to Varna and soak in the warm atmosphere. I hope I can give you a spectacular fight. I am honored to challenge for the European SENSHI title. I’m grateful for the opportunity and I’m going to give it my best. Let me give you a famous quote that I believe in – it is better to trust your instincts than to rely on your skill“, added Styben.

He also shared that he is working with special sparing-partners that are similar to Eduard Aleksanyan in order to prepare him in the best possible way.

I’ve studied Aleksanyan and I know that he already fought taller opponents. Some of them even taller than me. Our fight will be as a chess game“, the German added.

The full interview can me seen and heard in the video bellow.

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