The KWU SENSHI camp will gather over 500 fighters from 25 different countries

The KWU SENSHI camps have become an essential part of the Bulgarian sports calendar because they come along with every the international fight galas. Along the first event for 2024 there is going to be another huge training camp with athletes from all around the world.

Official data shows that 520 fighters from 25 different countries are gathering in Varna, Bulgaria between February 22-25 to acquire some experience from some of the most successful champions from the past. Among them we see Shihan Akira Masuda, Shihan Francisco Filho, Shihan Semmy Schilt, Ernesto Hoost, Shihan Nicholas Pettas, Shihan Glaube Feitosa, Albert Kraus, Andy Souwer, Sensei Tariel Nikoleishvili, Sensei Zahari Damyanov, Sensei Jan Soukup, Sensei Petar Martinov and Sensei Yusuke Fujii.

The KWU SENSHI camps may serve as a trampoline for professional sports because the participants gain knowledge not only from the famous instructors but from one another with all the sparing sessions with people from all around the globe. Every single one of them is carrying peace from his own couture into the sport.

The International KWU SENSHI Camp and the SHISHI 20 Fight Gala Night are organized in cooperation with the KWU International Professional League, as well as with the special support of Armeec Insurance Company, MAX Sport, Bulgaria Air, M Car Group – BMW dealer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Service and St. St. Constantine and Helena Holding.PrevPREVIOUS